Five Things To Watch Out for that College Admissions Directors May Not Warn You About

College search is an important life event for most high school seniors. Students usually have a running list of schools they’re interested in based on general location, size, majors and programs of study, among many other things. The final decision in finding the right is usually made after a campus visit.

When making this decision it is essential to ask some tough questions about academic advising, tuition, and safety that can help prevent a student from being blind-sided down the road, derailing chances of getting a degree and finding a job. Here are some things students and parents might not find out unless they ask the correct questions.

1. There are costs that creep up that you may not have originally considered. Tuition is only part of the total expense. You also need to consider:

Student fees. Some schools levy fees for everything from student government and clubs to special or recreational facilities.