Five Things To Watch Out for that College Admissions Directors May Not Warn You About

Room and board. There may be extra costs associated with Wi-Fi and cable TV; staying on campus during holidays and breaks; and storage space.

Cost of living. Find out the cost of living range for the local community.

Travel and transportation costs. Anticipate the number of trips home per year you will make.

2. You might not graduate. There are many factors that can influence students’ ability to graduate, these can include the major selected, whether they are enrolled full-time or part-time, the work-study balance, and academic environment.

Probe deeper for information about factors that can affect how long it takes to graduate, such as how often certain courses are offered; the ratio of faculty advisors to students; which class levels offer small seminars (rather than just large lecture courses); and how many credits are required for graduation.
ore, it’s important to find out whether they fit in and are welcome in the community they are going to be spending a significant amount of time in. To get a real feel and sense of the community, hang out at a local cafe and chat up the owners about what their experiences have been interacting with students.


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