Five Things To Watch Out for that College Admissions Directors May Not Warn You About

4. Find out about safety. Check what resources are dedicated to campus safety and how issues are addressed when they occur makes all the difference. Review the safety report that colleges are required to produce by law.

To find out how safe the campus really is, you will want to know about: Campus police. How many officers are on call at any given time and what is their average response time? Do they patrol inside or outside of resident halls? How do they interact with students?

Proactive safety measures. How many emergency phones are there on campus and where are they? Do you sponsor late-night walk home programs?

5. You wouldn’t be happy here. Talking with staff in the admissions office is a great first step, but don’t stop there. Take the time to walk the campus and interact with students at large – not just your student tour guide. The candid conversations you can have with students whom you stop at random might give you a much better understanding about what it would be like to go to this college.


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