Using iPads With Autistic Children

Jordan Sadler, a speech therapist created an iPad app called Puppet Pals, where she restaged the communication breakdown between two 5-year old autistic children as a movie, taking photos of the room for the background and of the kids for the characters. By using the app to show an instant replay of the scuffle, Sadler and the kids identified what went wrong and then recreated the scene, this time making better decisions.

More and more parents, therapists and educators are taking advantage of tablets to work with kids with autism.

Tablets Should be Treated as Tools, NOT Miracles

“When the iPad made its debut in 2010, they were throwing them at their kids expecting miracles, but it didn’t work. The reason is they are tools, not miracles,” said Shannon Rosa, an author and former educational software producer who has written about using tablets with her own son, Leo, who has autism. “I think a lot of parents now are more realistic about the level of support that is needed to help kids use them.”


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