Using iPads With Autistic Children

People have found out what works best when it comes to using tablets with autistic children. Now app creators, autism educators and parents are exploring new ways of using tablets and apps to work with the kids with autism.

It allows kids to think visually, to interact with content directly without the mouse which can create an obstacle, and it breaks complex concepts up into more understandable pieces.

The tablet has also seems to give them more independence. Because they know they can use it and stay engaged when they feel the need to be, though parents should be careful about letting them have too much screen time.

iPad workshops are held all over the country, teaching people about the most effective ways to use the device. Parents are told to move away from using mobile devices as a reward instead encouraging them to seek out dynamic apps that can help with the core challenges of autism while also being fun.

aims to educate children by being entertaining.

The show is meant for 6- to 12-year-olds; the main characters are inventors and their friends, who find themselves in tricky situations that they need to invent their way out of and written in a way so that children with autism can relate to them. The idea is to teach social and emotional skills through funny plots.

The app sets up situations that kids with autism may have trouble with, such as anticipating someone else’s perspective, managing someone else’s emotions, and being flexible instead of being rigid. A scene might show some of the ways communications can break down, then walk the viewer through ways to fix the problem.


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