Ordering Checks Has Never Been Easier

Typically, when you open a checking account, you usually get a small number of checks to start with. But once those are done, you will need to order your own checks. So, what do you do?

When ordering checks for the very first time, you will have to:

Choose checks from your bank
Or order them from a third-party vendor

Once you have selected a check design, you will have to send in an order for them. You will also be told how to order additional checks in the future. You will actually enjoy ordering checks for the first time since you can customize your checks as much as you want or not at all.

Ordering from the Bank

You always have the option of ordering checks directly from your bank. Checks through your bank will generally be their standard check – with the bank’s logo on it; while they will not be customized to your design, they are relatively easy to order straight from your bank. However, if you are dead set on a personalized design, it will be available through a third-party vendor the bank does business with.

You will usually get a limited number of checks on opening a checking account at your bank. However, if you require a lot of checks, you should order more, immediately after opening your account.


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