Ordering Checks – What are my options?

A quick survey of online prices for standard checks shows that you can easily save a lot by ordering through a third-party vendor. If going to a third-party vendor, rather than to your bank, makes you insecure remember that banks don’t really print checks themselves anyway. They send your check order to a third-party printer, say Deluxe or Harland Clarke. By going to an outside vendor, you’re really cutting out the middleman.

Check Printing Services

If you want personalized or themed checks, you may need to go through a third-party vendor. Some banks can recommend preferred vendors, but you can also do some homework and choose from a variety of websites.

Check with the bank, either online or in-person, to see if they have a preferred vendor, since quite often these may be cheaper.

If you are very keen on getting specific themed checks, you may need to look elsewhere other than your bank to get them. There are many websites that can offer nearly every color, design, pattern, or theme you could possible want.


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