Top Five Cancer Symptoms you Should be Aware of


Most of us really don’t know what to look for as far as signs and symptoms of cancer are concerned. Other than the well-publicized, self-test for breast cancer, awareness of which signs and symptoms we must look out for is nearly non-existent. In fact, being aware of which symptoms to look out for is complicated – because cancer is a group of diseases that can cause more than one sign or symptom.

But, what we all do know is that the best way to treat some cancers is to find them early, when they’re still small, haven’t spread, and hence easier to treat. This is best done through routine screenings. But there are types of cancer for which there are no screenings. And there are people who are too young for routine screenings. For both these eventualities, signs and symptoms are usually the first indications of cancer. Of course, signs and symptoms will depend on a number of factors, such as:

– Where the cancer is located
– How big it is
– How much it affects other organs and/or tissues
– Whether it has it spread (metastasized)
– Where the signs or symptoms appear in the body


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