What Causes Constant Hunger


In today’s day and age, stress has become a way of life. And that’s to blame for most of our health related issues including hunger pangs. Stress causes the production of adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones are meant to prep the body for an emergency. Increase in the levels of these hormones trick the body into thinking it’s under attack and so it needs energy thus making you voracious. A healthy routine with enough physical exercises like yoga could help reduce stress and thus normalizing your hunger.


Drinking is fun. But rule of life is fun comes at a cost. And drinking causes extreme hunger among other things. The body uses up a lot of its fluids in order to get rid of the alcohol thus leaving you dehydrated. And as mention earlier, dehydration causes abnormal craving for food. You could beat this effect by making sure you eat enough before you drink and also drink enough water in between.


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