Cooking tips and handy hints – backed by science

Prevent watering eyes by chilling onions before chopping

Cutting an onion creates chemical reactions which evaporate, making our eyes water. To slow the evaporation, chill the onions for a few minutes before chopping.

Salt reduces bitterness in coffee

If your coffee is just a little too bitter, add some salt. Salt improves pleasant flavors while subduing unpleasant ones, resulting in your coffee tasting less bitter.

Reduce acidity in tomato sauce by adding baking soda

Adding baking soda neutralizes acids found in the tomatoes. This makes a huge difference to those sensitive to acidity.

Fry spices properly

To infuse your oil thoroughly, and increase the flavor of your spices, fry whole spices in oil with a high smoking point. When you can smell the spices opening up, add whatever you were going cook in the oil.

For crusty bread, create steam

Put a pan in the bottom of your oven during preheating. When placing the bread inside the oven, add a little more water to create steam. The steam intermingles with the starch on the surface of the bread helping it to harden.

Benefits of adding acid to cheese sauces and soups

The acid binds the calcium in the cheese together keeping it nice and smooth and preventing clumps. It also stops the fat from separating, preventing that strange cheese-oil condition.


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