Pillow Talk

Ways to ensure that you are completely comfortable for those sweet moments

I know that I’ve had countless weekend mornings when I’ve wanted to stay in bed, weather to nurse a hangover or to just enjoy the extra precious minutes one gets only on weekends, only to find, that I can’t seem to get into or stay in a comfortable position, which is giving me back pain and my pillows are lumpy and now I have a stiff neck! The only way to end my misery is to get out of bed and get on with my day.

It is common knowledge that when you look and feel your best, other people sense it, and are likely to respond to you in a good way. Want to make sure you knock your first-date outfit of the park? Here are a few simple pointers to help you slay.

My suffering continued till I spent a few nights at a friend’s house, when my apartment was being fumigated. They had recently redone their guest bedroom with a brand-new mattress and I slept like a baby. Since I now knew what I was missing I launched a full-scale research into buying a new mattress and pillows as both of mine (as the weekend taught me) were woefully in need of replacement.


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