10 MYTHS About the BRAIN that Just Aren’t True

MYTH 7: We only use a Small Percentage of our Brains

On the contrary, our brains are always active. Some areas are more active than others at given points of time, but we are very much tapping into our full brain space all the time.

MYTH 8: There are TWO Kinds of Leaners

People believe that there are two main kinds of learners – auditory and visual learners. But although we all have our preferences when it comes to learning methods, there is no research to support the idea that the method affects the result.

MYTH 9: Men are Logical, Women are Empathetic

It has been a widespread belief that men’s brains are programmed to be logical, while women’s are programmed to be emotional and empathetic. Minor anatomical differences do exist between male and female brains, but science has yet to link them with differences in ability.

MYTH 10: The FIVE Senses

We can sense more than touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. We also have a sense of balance, temperature, time, internal needs – the complete list of senses includes equilibrioception, proprioception, nociception, thermo(re)ception, chronoception and interoception.


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