Ancient Beliefs & Practices Now Supported by Modern Science

5.Tai Chi

In China, the ancient art of Tai Chi (health and well-being) has been part of daily life for thousands of years. In 2016, a study of mental attention in an elderly population before and after participation in a 16 week Tai Chi program revealed significant improvements in the mental alertness of those who committed to the program.


The Sanskrit word for ‘sound tool’, Mantra is similar to listening to music, in the sense that the sounds produced (the most well-known one is “Om”) create vibrational frequencies that resonate with our brain evoking specific soothing emotions, thus having a beneficial impact on both our physical and mental energy.


Widely known across the world, hypnosis has often been used as a device to combat addictions like smoking or binge eating. It is also, as you already know, popular as a stage act. But science is discovering that there’s more to it than that. In 2007, a research team that the Mount Sinai School of Medicine published results that showed the use of hypnosis before surgery in breast cancer patients reduced the amount of anesthesia needed before the operation, as well as the pain, nausea, fatigue and discomfort that are usually associated with related procedures.


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