Some studies have shown that sugar is an even bigger killer than tobacco. And we’re all eating far too much of it. Here are some ways you can bid farewell to sugar. Without a single regret.

  • Read the nutrition label on cereals: Many cereals that claim to be healthy have way more added sugar content than you think. Choose the ones with the lowest sugar content and the highest fiber content to ensure a genuinely healthy breakfast experience.
  • Avoid candy: It sounds difficult, but it isn’t really. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar at 4 pm, try a small bowl of fresh fruit instead. Your craving for something sweet will be satisfied, and so will your body’s craving for something healthy.
  • Find a substitute for soda: Soda has too much sugar and too many empty calories – and you don’t even realize how much of it you consume because it is a beverage. Try drinking seltzer water instead. Switch to green tea. Or add some lemon to your water for a refreshing twist.