It’s time to change these 10 outdated US laws!

4. Michigan – Unmarried? You can’t live together

In archaic terms – if you want to live with your partner out of wedlock, you have to pay a $1000 fine and go behind bars for a year. Although it isn’t really enforced, it is an active law – one that is repeatedly submitted for repeal.

5. Iowa – chill out in your car!

In order to prevent thefts of brand new Model T’s, Iowa declared it illegal in 1913, to leave your car engine running if unattended. A 100 years later, Iowans fighting freezing winters must start their cars using remote starters to warm the vehicle enough. Police today just don’t have the resources to enforce this.

6. Alabama – no cards on the Sabbath day

U.S.A.’s puritanical roots are evident in the restrictions on alcohol sales in many areas on Sundays. But in Alabama, it is a criminal “offense against public health and morals” to do various things on Sunday, including playing cards. There is also a fine of $10 to $100 for hunting, gaming, shooting and racing. You may go to prison for up to three months for one of these “immoral” activities.


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