7 Small Romantic Gestures to Improve Your Dating Life

While the study’s main focus was married couples, the idea that small romantic gestures can improve your relationship(s) can also apply to dating.
Here are a few small, romantic gestures you can do today to improve your online dating life.

1. Buy them their favorite snack.

If someone shows up to our date with a bag of my favorite chocolate, my heart is basically theirs. Whether it’s dark chocolate or covered in almonds, figure out what tickles their fancy and then surprise them with their favorite treat.

2. Make a fuss over their accomplishments – big or small.

If they managed to make it to their early morning martial arts class without collapsing, let them know that you think they’re a total rock star. If they finish writing that super big report for work, suggest you take them out for a drink to celebrate. Celebrating the small stuff is not only fun, it makes the other person feel special in the process.

3. Make them a mixed tape.

If last time you spoke or texted you had an in depth conversation about music and they mentioned they still haven’t picked up the new Gorillaz album yet, copy it on a flash drive so you can give it to them next time you see each other.

4. Remind them of their best qualities.

Tell them how you feel. If you think it’s wonderful that they go out of their way to help their friends and family in need – let them know. Are they one of the funniest people you’ve ever met? Make sure they know that. Do you find it irresistibly adorable the way they turn their nose up at pineapple on pizza? Be sure to remind them.


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