7 Small Romantic Gestures to Improve Your Dating Life

5. Get them a very small gift.

Whether it’s a flower that you picked on your way to your date or a cheesy curio from the dollar store that reminded you of something you had talked about the night before, this is a case where the thought really counts.

6. Make them laugh with an inside joke.

Send them a hilarious meme that only they’d get. Pick up a small trinket that plays into something you were joking about on your last date. Anything you can do to make them smile and show that you appreciate their sense of humor is great.

7. Surprise them with flowers or a plant.

Whether it’s a single sunflower or a tiny succulent plant, you don’t have to go fancy to make a huge impact when it comes to foliage. I once swooned when the man I was dating brought me a tiny, pink flowering cactus (true story).

However, if you’re going to give, be sure to do it for the right reasons – and not just because you’re hoping for other person to reciprocate. “As soon as you couch it with, ‘I’m going to be compassionate today because I expect you to be compassionate tomorrow,’ it destroys the effect,” said Reis. Give to give and feel your happiness swell.


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