#Bye: 10 Scenarios when it is Completely Acceptable to Leave in the Middle of a Date

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every date was awesome? Of course. Unfortunately though, dating by nature involves kissing a few frogs.

Having said that, it’s important to remember that your time, safety and mental well-being are precious. Just because online dating is a process of elimination, shouldn’t mean that you force yourself to sit through dates that are uncomfortable or downright scary.

There are so many times I wish I’d had the gumption to politely excuse myself from dates that had gone completely south (like that time I ended up going out for drinks with a man who turned out to be a Holocaust denier. #truestory). However, walking away is easier said than done. As North Americans, we’re raised in a culture that values manners and likability over forthrightness. I never really noticed this until my friends, who had grown up in Germany, pointed out North Americans “were overly polite and smiled so much it was almost creepy.” Consequently, none of my German girlfriends are afraid to be bluntly honest – about anything.

While I still think it’s rude to leave in the middle of a date, there are some situations in which it is totally acceptable to walk away. So, don’t beat yourself up for wanting to leave if any of the following occur.


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