#Bye: 10 Scenarios when it is Completely Acceptable to Leave in the Middle of a Date

1. They’re disrespectful.

Maybe they show up late and don’t apologize, have despicable table manners, or they sulk in silence the entire time and, when they do open their mouths, they complain or make a super offensive remark about the waitress’ butt. Whatever be the case, you’re not required to show someone good manners and respect if they aren’t willing to do the same. #Bye.

2. They keep making the conversation all about sex.

Shudder. Whether they keep making sexual innuendo about everything (that “3rd base” joke they made during your discussion of the world series is not cute), are overly focused on your dress and how “sexy you look,” or they suggest you go home with them even though you just met – if any pf this makes you uneasy, #bye.

3. They’re bigoted.

They make comments that are racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic or just straight up hateful. If their views and opinions make your skin crawl: #bye.

4. They’re rude to the waitstaff.

There’s a special place in hell for people who are unpleasant those in the service industry. Being rude to someone who is trying to help them shows they have a lack of empathy. If this person makes ridiculous demands from the server, makes fun of them (also #truestory) or is just rude to the point that it makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to say #bye.

5. They touch you inappropriately.

From grabbing your knee (or worse under the table) to clasping your hand like you’re long lost lovers (reminder: you just met), if their touch is unwelcome and it makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to say #bye. Immediately.


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