Just Kidding? 5 Kinds Of Jokes To Never Make on a First Date

While having a good sense of humour is definitely an asset in the online dating world, there are some topics you should never joke about on a first date. Just ask the guy from Reddit who claims he was arrested and taken to jail after he joked about being a serial killer on a first date.

Having contacted his date via an online dating app, the man says they met at a local restaurant and the date seemed to be going well – so good in fact, that she invited him to hang out with her and some friends after. He agreed, and went with her to the mall to meet her pals and grab some food. This is where things started to go sideways.

According to him, “after the food arrives the conversation turns a little more towards how we met (pay close attention and you will spot my mistake). She states she’s glad I’m normal and not some sort of serial killer. Now I could have just laughed… I could have, but I was funny, remember? I replied with, ‘Oh, thanks for thinking I’m normal! But I actually am a serial killer, bodies for days buried out at the farm.’ She laughed, I laughed, I thought I did great at making it sound sarcastic.”

He was wrong. While in the bathroom, his date called the police. Not too long after, officers appeared, arrested him and took him away in handcuffs. He spent the next few hours at the police station, trying to explain that he was “just kidding.”


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