Just Kidding? 5 Kinds Of Jokes To Never Make on a First Date

At the end of the post he says, “I made a joke I was a serial killer, date doesn’t get sarcasm, I spend hours in the police station.”

One might read this and say, “Well, I guess some people just don’t get a joke,” it’s important to take a moment and try to understand things from the other person’s perspective.
Online dating can feel really vulnerable – especially if you’re a woman. When you’re female, your personal safety is always top of mind. As women we’re constantly on guard to make sure we’re not putting ourselves in danger. While it’s likely that many of us would have heard this guy’s comment and brushed it off as a joke, for this particular person, it set off alarm bells.

The online dating world, for many women can feel like a dangerous place. Women tend to worry more for their personal safety and are constantly on guard to ensure that we are not making ourselves too vulnerable. While many of us may just brush off the comment as a joke, for this specific woman on the date, it set off alarm bells.

So, in an effort to help ensure that none of your dates end up in handcuffs, here are a few things you shouldn’t joke about when you’re on a date.

1. Being a serial killer.

Just don’t. I know, I know, it’s “hilarious” to joke about all of the bodies you have stashed in your freezer, but please exercise some self-control here. Like I mentioned above, you never know where the other person is coming from and what your comment might trigger (for example, an arrest warrant.) Just play safe till you get to know the person better and make him/her feel as comfortable as possible, don’t joke about violence.

2. That you’re already married or in a relationship.

As someone who has been on dates with people who later (unbeknownst to me) turned out to be married or in serious relationships, there’s nothing funny about this. In fact, the punchline may send your date running out the door before you even have a chance to explain.


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