Travel Secrets

If you want more space

Flights often take off with empty seats and for you to end up with a seat next to an empty one, ask the agent at the counter if he would be kind enough to put you next to an empty seat.
If you are flying with another person, try booking both the aisle and the window seat. You will often find that the middle seat has been left empty by the time you come on board.

How to make food on the plane taste better

Plane food is generally quite bad and likely to stay that way. But there are things you can do to improve your dining experience in the sky.

But before we explore his subject, we need to understand why airline food tastes so bad…

– A major issue is lack of freshness. Food served on the aircraft is cooked in really large quantities, hours before flight time. Then it’s is reheated in convection ovens on board.


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