Why I Sent My Daughters to Coding Camp

When we signed our two girls up for coding camp this summer, they weren’t too happy about it.

“What’s the point?” The older one said. “It’s not like I want to be a computer programmer.”

Too bad.

These days, knowing how to program computers or write apps is a lot like, well, math. A skill that everyone needs. And unfortunately, all too often, women are the ones without that skill.

Google recently released numbers that revealed women comprise just 17% of its tech staff. And this is a company that is actively working hard to change these numbers by getting more women into the workplace.

Now, our girls may not want to sell an app or work on a Google team or spend a summer interning at Microsoft. But unless they have basic coding skills, they’re going to be on the outside looking in, stumbling around in a world that is dominated by coders.

So I told my daughters a story. The same story I’m going to share with you. And they did, ultimately, see the point.


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