How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Online Business

Find and Follow Influencers

These are the people that tweeters look up to. They are the demigods of the platform and whatever they say is retweeted. Try to follow such influencers in your field of business. Slowly gain their support and then get them to tweet replies to you. That will make sure you are noticed by the rest of their followers. Take note of the hashtags they use and adopt them as yours. Send out tweets using said hashtags impressive enough for influencers to like, retweet, or both. If you manage that coup, then you are on the way to stardom. Keep repeating as needed.

Use Images

While you might prefer to send out texts on a regular basis, don’t make it a habit. People love seeing images and Gifs. Be creative and use them to attract attention. Again, while you might want to attach pictures relevant to your business, it doesn’t mean you always have to attach serious ones. Look for cartoons or memes that even remotely touch on your subjects and share them.

Be Consistent

Twitter isn’t about sending out a tweet once a week. It actually needs attention and commitment. You have to be consistent with your schedules. The lifespan of your tweets is very short – they are on screens for a few seconds and then they fade into oblivion. This means in order for people to remember you, you need to be in their faces all the time.

But Don’t Spam

Some businesses take the consistency point a bit too far and end up being nuisance rather than marketing tools. Strike the right balance between number of tweets, effective time to send them out, as well as the subject matter.

If you take the time to use Twitter properly, you can rest assured that you will soon see your page visits and sales numbers go up.


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